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Regular maintenance of your musical instrument extends the service life!

A well-maintained instrument determines the lifespan and fosters playing pleasure!
You can contact us for all repair-, overhaul work and adjustments
to your musical instrument from any brand.
For example, think of: tuning and maintenance/ cleaning of your accordion
or harmonica. But also replacing keys or cleaning contacts of keyboards and digital pianos.

We also provide a price indication of the work to be performed in advance, so that you will never be confronted with surprises.
The average time for a repair is approaching 1 week. As soon as the repair is done we give you a call or send you an email.
Small repairs can be done while you wait in the store.

Here are also a few examples of instrument that were desperately needed for service.


Is your instrument due for maintenance or repair? Feel free to contact us or drop by. We will gladly make you a quotation.