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sound amplification

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Boss VE-5 -
Boss VE-5
Compact vocal processor with friendly features.
Price €209.00
Cort Amplifier AF30 -
Cort Amplifier AF30
Cort goes for practical with the AF30. Thanks to the two separate inputs, this acoustic...
Price €210.00
Cort Amplifier AF60 -
Cort Amplifier AF60
With two 8 inch woofers and an output power of 60 watts, the Cort AF60 is the big...
Price €259.00
Cort Amplifier CM15R -
Cort Amplifier CM15R
The Cort CM15R is a good option for the guitarist who is looking for a versatile and...
Price €89.00
Gatt Headphone HP-15 -
Gatt Headphone HP-15
professional monitoring headphones, large earpads, adaptor jack - Specially designed...
Price €35.00
JTS Dual Wireless Receiver RU-8012DB -
JTS Dual Wireless Receiver...
Based on US-8001 successful experience RU-8012 is designed with JTS 2nd generation...
Price €229.00
JTS Handheld Transmitter RU-850LTH -
JTS Handheld Transmitter...
This innovative transmitter is designed with both REMOSET U and full function setting...
Price €149.00
JTS Body-Pack Transmitter RU-850LTB -
JTS Body-Pack Transmitter...
This innovative bodypack transmitter is designed with both REMOSET U and full function...
Price €149.00
JTS Single Wireless Receiver RU-8011DB -
JTS Single Wireless...
This product is a full feature version of RU-8011D. It is built with detachable BNC...
Price €199.00
Marshall CODE25 -
Marshall CODE25
Price €189.00
Marshall MG102FX -
Marshall MG102FX Gold incl....
The Marshall MG102GFX Gold 100W 2x12 Guitar Combo offers players with a truly classic...
Price €0.00
NUX B-2 draadloos gitaar systeem 2.4 Ghz -
  • -€17.00
NUX B-2 draadloos gitaar...
Price €110.00 -€17.00 Regular price €127.00
  • -€120.00
Gatt Audio powered mixer...
Price €220.00 -€120.00 Regular price €340.00
Accordion microphone installation set (anti feedback) including installation -
Accordion microphone...
Price €630.00
AKG WMS40 mini wireless -
AKG WMS40 mini wireless
Wireless sound. Made easy. The AKG WMS40 Mini Vocal Microphone Set ISM 1 gives you...
Price €95.00